Sea Creatures (Ocean City)

[See also iNaturalist and some more professional, California PHOTOS by my friend Abby Thompson.]

Blue Crab, Laughing Gull









Sting Ray, Mussel, Razor Clam


Clam, Scallop



















Sand Shark, Horseshoe Crab


Blue fish, Striped sea bass, Puffer fish




Skate egg sac, Skate, Whelk egg sac



Prickly fish, Striped burrfish




Common Loon:                                                     Northern stargazer:













Atlantic rock crab














Spider crab (hole eaten by star fish?) Spider1 Spider2


Spot fish, Cod fish



Dragonfly   Stork

Moon Jellyfish

Northern Star Coral

Sea Anemones                                    Jet


Red Seaweed

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  1. Carsten Botts:

    Those are lots and lots of sea creatures.