A Squeeze at the Penultimate Trump

On the pictured hand 13 at the Pembury Bridge Club in Pittsfield MA on Wednesday June 14, 2017, as East I made 3S, losing a trick in each suit. After ducking the heart lead and winning the continuation, I could have made 4 by reaching a position with DA5 and H7 in my hand, DJ8 and CJ on the board, and South down to HQ and DQT. Leading my heart endplays South in Diamonds. Peter Winkler explained to me how to make 4 on a Club lead (the previous endplay cannot afford a club loser). After losing e.g. a Club, a Heart, and a Spade, play Spades from dummy, coming down to S53, DJ84 in dummy. Now on the penultimate spade, come down to DAK, Hxx in hand, and South cannot protect both Diamonds and Hearts. (If North leads a Diamond when he gets in with a Club, East will be left with the HA as the second entry to hand. Play Spades in a way to prevent North from getting in to lead Diamonds twice. Curiously, when they start with Hearts, you need to play Spades the other way to prevent South from giving North a Heart ruff.)

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