Jean Taylor’s 70th at MoMath

Taylor_Jean_Jan02Friends, mathematicians, scientists, and the public celebrated the 70th birthday of distinguished mathematican Jean Taylor at the Museum of Mathematics in New York City, Saturday evening, September 6, 8-10:30 pm. It was Taylor who proved Plateau’s rules for soap bubbles. I wouldn’t miss it. You can register for $25 (additional donations completely optional and not specifically for Taylor celebration). There was also a little symposium of 5- to 15-minute talks 1 pm Saturday afternoon at the Courant Institute at NYU (photos thanks to Christina Sormani). See comments for well wishes.





  1. Nancy Hingston:

    So sorry I can’t come. Happy birthday Jean!!

  2. Aaron Yip:

    Dear Jean,
    Congratulation on reaching another of your milestone.
    Sorry that I cannot come this time but for a “good reason”
    — I have reached one milestone myself by recently becoming a father.
    Hope you and all the others have a memorable time.

  3. James Sethian:

    Jean–Happy Birthday! I am sorry I won’t be there—I hope you have a wonderful event!…Jamie Sethian

  4. Frank Morgan:

    More well wishes:

    Please convey my best regards and congrats to Jean on her birthday, along with my sincere admiration for her wonderful contributions to our field. May she enjoy many more happy, healthy birthdays.
    Bruce Solomon

    Please pass my warm regards and congratulations to Jean. The European saying is “and many more returns”, but I prefer the Hebrew version “until 120”.
    Emanuel Milman

    I will not be able to be there since I will be hiking in the Alps.
    But I would be glad if you could send her my warmest regards.
    Sonja Winkelmann

    Please give my best birthday wishes to Jean.
    Ken Brakke

    I will not be able to participate, but I would be glad if you could deliver my greetings to Jean.
    Francesco Maggi

    The best to Jean on this landmark occasion.
    Tom Banchoff

    I’d be very thankful if you could give her my best regards.
    Giovanni Franzina

  5. Jon Pitts:

    Unfortunately I cannot be present at the celebration. Please convey my congratulations to Jean for her birthday. May she be blessed with many more.

  6. Mike Gage:

    Happy Birthday, Jean and enjoy the event at MoMa. I’m very sorry that I will not be able to attend.

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