We had a delicious vegetarian lunch at Izusen. As a vegetarian, I eat lots of different vegetarian food, but this was unlike anything that I’ve ever had. There was a large assortment of small dishes, all beautifully prepared, and each offering a variety of textures, colors and flavors. I drank some vinegar that tasted like lemonade, and I finally got to try my first cup of matcha tea! Later in the day, we took a break from touring to share a plate of grilled mochi and a pot of tea, and that was also a treat.

It turns out that this was only the first part of the meal!

And did I mention the Japanese stationery store?! It was truly an experience. I could’ve spent hours testing all of the fancy pens, admiring the notebooks (including one that has a fluffy knit cover and also functions as a pillow), the pads of paper (one that looks like a stick of butter?!), the folders, and the cards… All in all, a very good day!

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