Buddhist Sculpture

Although I still haven’t fully adjusted to the jet lag, today I was once again surprised by how much energy I was able to sustain. I find myself exhausted at the end of each day, but it’s a good feeling to know I made the most out of it. Today started off with Miyamoto-san’s home studio. Even the organization and decor of his house was beautiful. His artwork was amazing: unique, informed, and from the heart. Even though I am not an artist myself, my mom and step dad are both artists, so I understand a lot about the creative process. It is not an easy career path and can sometimes be a financial risk, so to meet an artist that is so dedicated to his art was refreshing and wonderful. I specifically admired Miyamoto’s desire to always maintain the tradition of each statue, because as he said, it would virtually be meaningless without it.

Afterwards, walking in the Arashiyama area was really nice. I had my first oyakodon which was delicious. Also, the matcha ice cream I had was at least 200% better than any matcha-flavored product that I’ve eaten in America. I don’t think I will ever eat another matcha-flavored food again unless I am in Japan.

I’m really enjoying Kyoto so far, and appreciating just how unique and culturally significant a place like this is. I’ll definitely be back here the spring to see the cherry blossoms!

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