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October 2015

Congratulations to thesis student Ben Augenbraun ’15 who is the 2015 A.P.S. LeRoy Apker Award  WINNER !!! (the Apker Award is the nation’s top honor for undergraduate physics research).  We wish Ben the very best as he begins in the Ph.D. program at Harvard this fall.  

Former group member, and now Williams physics department colleague, Charlie Doret ’02 was the 2002 Apker Award winner.  All together FIVE Williams physics majors have won this award.

Here is a link to Ben’s undergraduate thesis:
Augenbraun thesis (6.2 MB)

June, 2015

We welcome Sauman Cheng ’16 and Allison Carter ’16 to the lab this summer , who will begin their thesis work, and will be joined by Nathanial Vilas ’17, Milinda, and Prof. Majumder.

Here is a picture of the summer 2015 research group:


DAMOP 2015, Columbus, OH:
Ben Augenbraun ’15, Postdoc Milinda Rupasinghe, and Prof. Majumder attended the 2015 DAMOP conference in Columbus, OH.  Here are some highlights:

Ben Augenbraun ’15, Nathan Schine ’13 and PKM in front of latest group poster on two-step, atomic beam Stark shift experiment in Indium.

Ephs@DAMOP 2015: (L-R) Ben Augenbraun ’15,Dr. Justin Brown ’05 (Draper Labs), Paul Hess ’08 (Harvard, JQI), Colin Bruzewicz ’05 (Yale, Lincoln Labs),Prof. Charlie Doret ’02 (Harvard, Williams College), Dr. Milinda Rupasinghe (postdoc, Majumder group),Nathan Schine ’13 (U. Chicago),Ryan Carollo ’05 (U. Conn), Prof. Chad Orzel ’93 (Union College), PKM, Prof. Josh Grossman ’96 (St. Mary’s College)

Former Majumder group thesis students @ DAMOP: Paul Hess ’08 (Harvard), Ben Augenbraun (Harvard), Charlie Doret (Harvard), Nathan Schine (Chicago), Colin Bruzewicz (Yale)

Winter/Spring, 2015
Welcome to new postdoc, Dr. Milinda Rupasinghe, who joined us in January from Oklahoma, where he did his Ph.D. work in atomic physics.

 We gratefully acknowledge the support of our new 3-year NSF grant #1404206 which supports our postdoc, summer studies, and equipment and supply needs.


DAMOP 2014, Madison, WI:
Here is the latest from our group, including recent photos, DAMOP 14 conference posters, senior honors theses, and publications    

Ephs@DAMOP 2014: (L-R) Prof. Chad Orzel ’93 (Union College), Prof. Josh Grossman ’96 (St. Mary’s College), Prof. Charlie Doret ’02 (Williams College), PKM, Nathan Schine ’13 (U. Chicago), Dr. Justin Brown ’05 (Draper Labs), Ryan Carollo ’05 (U. Conn), Ben Augenbraun ’15

Nathan Schine ’13 (now at U. Chicago) and Ben Augenbraun ’15 at Poster Session w/indium atomic beam poster, DAMOP 14.

POSTERS FROM DAMOP 2014, Madison, WI, June 2-5

Atomic Beam / Stark shift poster  (2.8 MB)

Vapor Cell / 2-step Spectroscopy poster (3.8 MB)



Summer 2013 Williams College end-of-summer poster session: (L-R) Gabby Vukasin ’14, Nathan Bricault ’14, PKM, Sarah Peters ’14



  • Senior Honors Thesis of Ben Augenbraun ’15 (now at Harvard Univ.):  Augenbraun thesis (6.2 MB)
  • Senior Honors Thesis of Nathan Bricault ’14 (now at Cambridge Univ): Bricault_thesis
  • Senior Honors Thesis of Nathan Schine ’13 (Simon group, U. Chicago):   Schine_thesis

Phys. Rev. A paper describing this work:



  • Senior Honors Thesis of Gabby Vukasin  ’14 (now at Tufts Univ):     Vukasin_thesis
  • Senior Honors Thesis of David Kealhofer ’13 (now at UCSB):    Kealhofer_thesis

 Phys. Rev. A paper describing this work: