The Current Team

Founding Project Director Emeritus
J. Andrew Overman (Harry M. Drake Professor of Classics at Macalester College)





Project Director and Administrator
Daniel N. Schowalter (Professor of Religion and Classics at Carthage College)







Project Director and Architect
Michael C. Nelson (Professor of Art History at Queens College, NY)







Field Director 
Benjamin B. Rubin (Assistant Professor of Classics at Williams College)







Project Director Schlude
Jason Schlude (Assistant Professor
of Classics at College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University)







Project Director 1023638
Jennifer Gates-Foster (Assistant Professor
of Classics at the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill)










Student Volunteer 
Amy Berg
History and Mathematics Double Major
Class of 2014







Student Volunteer 
Lydia Heinrichs
Classics and English Double Major
Class of 2015







Student Volunteer alyssa pic
Alyssa Tomkowicz
Classics and English Double Major
Class of 2015







Student Volunteer max pic
Max Dietrich
History and Classics Double Major
Class of 2016







Student Volunteer 2015-06-10 08.50.41
Dolly Bai
Class of 2018







Student Volunteer 2015-06-05 07.07.13
Kiran Kumar
Class of 2018







Student Volunteer 2015-06-10 15.07.32
Cassie Pruitt
Class of 2018







Student Volunteer 11745469_666838343460850_311500280593318567_n
Katie Westervelt
History and Biology Double Major
Class of 2016

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