The Williams College Fund for Mt. Greylock (WCF), supported primarily by a Williams-related family and also by local donors, supports faculty and administrative initiatives to catalyze innovative change and to sustain improvement at the Mt Greylock Regional Middle and High School. The money resides at the college, which reimburses the school for fund-related expenses. These funds are focused on projects that:

  • Nurture a community of innovative thinkers.
  • Explore and pilot ways to broaden learning experiences.
  • Provide teachers the time, professional development and incentives to adopt 21st century curricula, instruction and assessments.
  • Complement the goals of Mount Greylock’s Strategic Plan.
  • Support the integration of technology in learning.
  • Develop a system of accountability that encourages continuous improvement with attention to rigor, relevance and the core competencies of 21st Century Learning: collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving.