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Mythical Creatures

Throughout her career, Pauline Baynes (1922–2008) was known for pictures of fantastic beasts, from dragons and mermaids to ghouls and goblins. For the Chapin Library’s contribution to Halloween Screamings, we present three original gouache paintings by Baynes for an unpublished series, Mythical Creatures: St. George and the dragon, Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwock, and the giant spider […]

Happy Day of Digital Archives! My Musings

Today is the Day of Digital Archives! The Intersections of Oral Traditions and Digital Archives. (Happy Day of Digital Archives, Oct 12 2012) Older ways of representing information, especially in the everyday library setting, are often rule-based, linear, and resistant to change. Digital repositories/ digital archives, in contrast, provide alternatives to linear, monolithic descriptions for […]