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SoCA 2012-13 Announcements


April 15th: 
“Interested in SoCA? Come meet our co-chair!” We’ll be tabling from 1-3pm in Paresky 🙂

April 16th:

SoCA will be hosting a Movie Marathon from 12-7pm in Rice House!

Films Include: When the Drum is Beating, Emperor Jones, Rebel Music, Country Man, Brooklyn Babylon, Rockers, and Siren of the Tropics

April 17th:

A SoCA Mission Dinner! You don’t want to miss these flavorful island dishes!

April 18th: 

In February 1990, after 27 years in prison, the South African government freed Nelson Mandela. This was a pivotal moment in the history of Black resistance against apartheid, the most developed form of racial oppression in human history. After his release from prison, Nelson Mandela would lead the African National Congress in negotiating the end of apartheid. During that process Nelson Mandela delivered several major addresses which spelled out the road which must be followed to secure Black Liberation in South Africa. Dr. Garrey Michael Dennie, then a Caribbean graduate student at Johns Hopkins University and now a Professor of History at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, co-wrote several of Mandela’s speeches. Dr. Dennie will speak about how Nelson Mandela’s speech writers crafted a language of liberation at a tumultuous moment in South Africa’s history.

This lecture is brought to you by Students of Caribbean Ancestry and the Black Student Union in celebration of SoCA’s Heritage Week.
 Held in Griffin 4 @ 4:30pm (co-hosted with BSU) 

April 20th:

Join us at the SoCA Carnival party! This event will be taking place from 10pm-2am in Spencer House. Music will be provided by Crossing Midnight Entertainment. You already know, IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!


April 12:

Carnival: Masquerade! (A SoCA and WAD Collaboration)

In preparation for SoCA’s Carnival Dance Party on 4/20 join us from 8pm to 10pm in Baxter Hall to create a unique masquerade mask so that you’re ready to celebrate SoCA style!!!! Whoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Virgin cocktails will be provided!

November 17:

It’s about that time again to show us what you can do! Calling all dancers to the floor! Yuh dun know seh di vybz cyan dun – the chunes will be wicked so put on your hottest wear and come out to party. We’ll be getting on bad all night; Skin oooout!

In other words, get ready to have an amazing night with good music, dancing, and great company 😉

November 2:

Lend a helping hand as SoCA spices up the Homecoming Tailgate with Caribbean flavor.

October 27th, 2012:

October's Country of the Month: Antigua and Barbuda!

Come learn more about this twin-island nation’s culture and history!
As we listen to music and enjoy some delicious snacks, we will also be discussing the movie we watched this week “When the Drum is Beating” and recruiting for homecoming and for the upcoming Caribbean dance party (Sat, November 17).

Bring a friend, your friend’s friend, and your friend’s friend’s friend to Rice House on Saturday at 4pm.

October 25th:

Movie Screening: When the Drum is Beating

Come one, come all! Take a break with SoCA in Rice House on Thursday from 8-9:30pm. Join us for the screening of When the Drum is Beating, a film on the role of music in Haiti previously shown at Images this summer to varied reactions. You’ll surely be talking about this one!

“The 20-member band Septentrional has been making music for 62 years as Haiti’s most celebrated big band. This inspirational doc charts the history of Haiti from its independence from French colonialism to 2010’s devastating earthquake-all set to the vibrant music of Septentrional and punctuated with personal memories.”