Our History

Upon its inception, SoCA was the first Williams College campus group to educate and address the prevalent issues in the Caribbean.  The group was charged, by founder Frank Rosad0 ’97, to bring Caribbean culture to a community that was recluse from the Caribbean in both location and education.  This vanguard group stirred great excitement and enthusiasm about Caribbean culture through their public forums, their attendance at conferences, and their well-organized parties.  During this period (1995 to early 2000s), SoCA enjoyed great leadership and steady membership.  Unfortunately, as the torch was passed on to subsequent generations of SoCA leaders, the group’s membership began to wane.   It is the goal of this generation of SoCA to further connect with the Williams College community and solidify its place with an unfaltering foundation and steadfast membership.

Here is a collection of historic SoCA events and articles: Enjoy!

SoCA Attendance at Northeast Region Caribbean Students Conference-April 1997

Photos from NERCSC-1998

SoCA Membership-1997

SoCA Heritage Week-1998


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