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So my dad’s from DR (Dominican Republic) and he is a very pro-Black type, that’s just kind of like how his feelings are. He grew up in the time of Trujillo, who is the dictator that killed a lot of Haitian Dominicans or dark-skinned Dominicans. My dad is fairly light-skinned so he was okay or whatever, but he also was seeing the terror that happened in the country at the time, as well as what his parents and grandparents talked about. He wasn’t kind of like in support of that. He hated it to the point where like I wasn’t, me and my siblings weren’t allowed to speak Spanish in the house or stuff like that. -HIM

Technically my dad is light skinned, but there’s this weird problem with colorism and saying “I’m more light skin” or “I’m more dark skin” and it’s like we’re all black. If some guy from Spain came to the DR and I looked at us, all of us, he would call us black.

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