August 19, 2018

Muslim Students’ Resources at Williams

Prayer space 

The Muslim Prayer Room (Musalla) is located at the lower level of Thompson Memorial Chapel.
It is designated to all Williams Students and the surrounding community.
The Musalla is open 7/24 for everyone. You need a Williams ID to get into the building, but on Friday you can just walk in without an ID.
Jumu’ah (Friday) prayers are held every week at Musalla (during the academic year and the summer) at 1:00 pm.


Muslim Common Room

The Muslim Common Room is also located at the lower level of Thompson Memorial Chapel. It provides a good place for Muslims to hang out with friends play board games, video games and relax. 
The Muslim Common Room provides Muslims with the opportunity to enhance their cultural experience while creating new friendships and participating in several social events.

 Halal Dining service

Muslim students on campus get a couple of Halal options from Williams Dining Facilities: Halal Meat and the Ramadan Meal Plan. We encourage you to look into these options so that Muslim students may continue to enjoy these accommodations for years to come.