August 20, 2018


Hasan Minjah Show (2022)

Marhaban class of 2023!!

A few pictures from  “MSU Meet and Greet” event! Our first 2019-20 event in honor of the class of 2023!

Interfaith Iftar of the 1440th Ramadan (2019)

First Iftar of the 1440th Ramadan (2019)

Ramadan Mubarak from all of us here at Williams MSU! Enjoying our first iftar, walhamdulillah.

Cookout with Williams Catholic fall 2018

What a beautiful night of celebration and interfaith bond building with our friends from Williams Catholic! And oh ya, the DELICIOUS FOOD!

Mohamad Hafez talk fall 2018

Thank you, Mohamad Hafez, for such an inspiring talk, and to everyone who joined us!

Eid-el-Adha 2018

End of the year 2018 Boston Trip

Beautiful Boston! Strolling in the garden and shopping at Quincy Market!

Ramadhan and Eid-el-Fitri 2018

Ramadhan Maqbul and Eid Mubarak from all of us here at Williams MSU!

 Bowling with Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship

What a Blast!!! Candlepin Bowling and Avengers: Infinity Wars with Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship! Can’t ask for better friendship among religious communities. 

Cookout with Williams Catholic 

What a blessed dinner with our friends from Williams Catholic!!! Lots of love and delicious food to go around! 

 Dr. Nancy Khalil Lecture 

Thank you Dr. Nancy Khalil for your amazing lecture on the politics of Muslim women, leadership, cultural and worship spaces in the experience of American Islam.

Chai with Hindu Students

Adding life to the Chapel basement with laughter and aroma of delicious Chai and Samosas.

Homecoming 2017

Halal MSU tailgate with SASA! What an awesome Homecoming! And the icing on the cake: Williams WON!!!

Albany Trip Fall 2017

Amazing time with MSU at Ali Baba Restaurant during our trip to Albany!!!

Yale Ivy Muslim Conference 

Wesleyan Eid Banquet 

We had a wonderful Eid-al-Adha with our fellow Muslim students at Wesleyan.  

Year kick-off  Halal BBQ (2017)

The MSU kicked off the year with a fun-filled and delicious Eid BBQ. Check out the highlights!