Williams students' narratives about immigration

Williams students’ narratives about immigration


VIDEO: The Day I Became a Citizen- Maria Fernanda Heredia

Maria Fernanda Heredia talks about gaining her citizenship months before she headed off for college. She gives us a more recent account of procuring citizenship in the United States. This is also very timely in regard to the fact that immigration policy is something very fought about currently (considering the political climate under Trump), and sharing her experience allows the audience to gain perspective of what it means to be citizen today and how she dealt with identifying as both Bolivian and American.

Heredia, Maria F. “The Day I Became A Citizen.” Interview with John Velez, 19 April 2018.



AUDIO: Why I Came to the United States- Jenny M. Velez

The audio provided gives us a first hand account of why a Williams’ student’s mother decided to come to the United States. She gives us insight as to how she felt when first coming here (depressed), and what she was looking forward to when deciding to settle down in the U.S. I chose to include this in my archive because it is a combination of themes that branches from my archive on immigration: the dichotomy between nationalism and opportunity. Like I mentioned in my IG post: at what cost have immigrants come to America. Additionally, it will also complement the secondary sources contributed by the student–essentially providing a bidirectional relationship between the primary and secondary resource.

Velez, John A. “Why I Came to the United States,” Perf. Jenny M. Velez. Rec 13 April 2018 by John A. Velez.