LATS/ENG 232-01: We The People in the Stacks
Spring 2018 
Instructor: Nelly Rosario

This literature and writing course examined the concept of archives–their creation and deletions, their contents and omissions, their revelations and concealments–through the lens of democratic ideals.


Library Session with Lisa Conathan, Head of Special Collections at Williams College Archives & Collections
26 February 2018

Clockwise: John V., Maria, Karen, Kimberly, Angel, Lara, [Anon.], John R., [Anon.], Cameron, Dylan

Left to right: Hayden, Max, John, and Maria


A letter written in the 1800s…crossed lover? coded message? paper shortage?



Design Thinking Workshop
With Richard Grefé, Design Thinker in Residence 
2 April 2018


Left to right: Max, John, Maria, and Julia present their team’s exhibit experience map to Richard


Kimberly describes her team’s exhibit personas, Esperanza Williams and Joe McCrow


Class notes, syllabus, student work