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Looking Back, Looking Ahead – DIITD 2015

So, Do It In the Dark Week 2015 has come to a close. Now, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned this past week and think about how we can keep the energy-saving habits we learned this week going in the future!

This week, I learned (more than) a few things:

1) You can turn the light off in the bathroom. Crazy that it took this long to figure that out, right? The little button under the motion sensor is a switch that can (AND SHOULD) be used to turn off the light when you’re done in the bathroom.
2) A really easy way to save energy during the day is to turn your heat all the way down when you leave for the day. It doesn’t take terribly long for the room to warm up once you come back in and turn the heat back up, and you’ll already be wearing some coats anyway!
3) Studying in common spaces rather than your room is a great way to save energy AND create a productive environment. Studying in my entry common room this past week has really helped my entry to stick to our work because all it took was one person to ask us to quiet down, and then we would all settle back into our reading/writing/etc.

So, those are a few things I learned this week. But what now?

Sadly, Mills did not with the puppy party. But does that mean our quest to save energy ends here? NO!!! Now, we have so many more tools at our disposal to go forth and save energy in our everyday lives. It warms my heart to hear of entry-mates who are reminding each other to turn their heat down as they leave for the day. Make sure to continue the good habits that you picked up during this week throughout the rest of the semester, and bring them home with you, too!

Another great way to not only learn about events like Do It In the Dark Week, but to help plan them, is to attend the weekly Williams Environmental Council meetings that are held on Thursday nights at 9:00 in Kellogg House. Hope to see you there!


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