Field Stations

HMF with Birch Brook Watershed

Our field stations are located in Hopkins Memorial Forest, a 2600 acre research forest owned by Williams College. The main Weather Station (Station 1) is located at 920′ in a 10-acre field. Weather Station 2 is located within a sugar maple stand, Weather Station 3 is located at 2336′ on the¬†crest of the Taconic Range in MA., Weather Station 4 is also located in a cleared field but at an elevation 250′ higher than the main station. The 50-m MET tower is also located at the crest of the Taconic range in MA. but at an elevation of 2323′.

Our two stream monitoring stations are located on Main Stem of Birch Brook, and the South Branch of Birch Brook at weirs built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.