The Environmental Analysis Lab hosts Williams College lab classes from Environmental StudiesGeosciences, Chemistry, and Biology; as well as assisting faculty and students from these same departments with research projects.

Some of the research projects in the Envi Lab have included, (1) Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in sediments and waters from the Hoosic River in Williamstown and North Adams, MA., and Pownal, VT.; (2) Lead (Pb+2) in soils from Williamstown and Pittsfield, MA.; (3) Perchlorate (ClO4) from groundwater in Williamstown, MA.; (4) HMF soil carbon and vegetation research; (5) various waters plus wet and dry soils from Colorado, as well as (6) sediment core analysis from the Bering Sea.

In addition to Williams College classes, the Envi Analysis Lab hosts Advance Placement Chemistry classes from local high schools, summer Science Camps for local 5th grade students, the Winter Study course “Science for Kids” program for local 4th grade students and graduate-level STEM classes on water quality for elementary school educators.