Engaging with environmental justice

For their final assignment, each student in Environmental Justice explored a place-based instance of environmental injustice, i.e. a situation in which an already under-resourced or marginalized community has suffered the disproportionate effects of man-made environmental hazards. In a series of blog posts, every student-author examined the history behind the inequality at issue. They investigated how affected communities, corporations, and government agencies have mobilized and evaluated scientific knowledge in disputes over environmental hazards. Finally, students assessed the possibility of justice for these communities, by analyzing the potential power of litigation, international agreements, and social movements to effect change. On this site, please find a selection of their careful engagement with matters of environmental justice.

–Natalie Vena, May 21, 2016

Cover photo: In 1984, Newark residents march to oppose a garbage incinerator planned for their community, Ironbound. Photo by Ironbound Community Corporation.