This Bridge Called My Back: Restoring the Voices of Women of Color

This project examines the establishment of solidarity amongst women of color during the second-wave feminist movement. The unique experiences of women of color often went unnoticed as a result of the lack of representation they received in the media. Women of color were denied a space in which they could build community through their shared experiences. This Bridge Called My Back, one of the first major anthologies featuring the work of women of color, was first published in 1981. This anthology seeks to restore the voices of women of color in a movement that continuously silenced them. As Cherríe Moraga, an editor of this anthology, notes in her introduction, “women of color ask the political question: what about us? Which really means: what about all of us?” (xix). Women of color felt excluded from the movement by white women and in response aimed to create a more inclusive community.

— Erin Vasquez