Stepping Into the Archives: Poets of The Liberation Movement

Some poet’s names become immortalized over time, such as Audre Lorde, Judy Grahn, Cherríe Moraga, and Adrienne Rich, but others disappear into the archives. This exhibition highlights these forgotten women and illuminates their poetic contribution to the Women’s Liberation Movement. Periodicals such as Sinister Wisdom, Heresies, WomanSpirit, Lavender Woman, and Conditions, gave marginalized women a voice in print. These periodicals were so effective in executing their goal that any woman could make a name for herself amongst the rising feminist community. Some women, such as Robin Ruth Linden and Judith McDaniel, started as poets and branched into other forms of expression. Others, like Jacqueline Lapidus and Martha Courtot, developed their poetic voices through the empowering space yielded by the Women’s Liberation Movement.

~Ava Irons


Featured Poets:

Holly Lu Conant 

Martha Courtot 

Jacqueline Lapidus 

Robin Ruth Linden 

Judith McDaniel


Exhibition Sources