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We love new members whether they are experienced or not!


What is the basic organization of the team?

The Williams Cycling Team is coached by Tyler Hallenbeck. Ben Platt (bp8), Ashton Voehl (atv2), and Gabriel Wong (glw4) are the captains!

What do you folks actually do during the school year?

The cycling year is typically divided into the pre-racing and racing seasons. The pre-race season (until Winter Study) is the time for long, fun rides; building up base mileage.  During this time, there will traditionally be group rides led three times a week at 4pm, but the timing is often very flexible. After winter break, formal, structured training begins for road racers. This involves daily workouts at 4pm in our indoor training and storage facility, the Ark.  The workouts are challenging, but have produced many successful Williams racers. Some recent alums have gone on to race at collegiate nationals and for semi-professional teams after Williams.

How do I join the team? Are there tryouts? What are the requirements for joining the team?

There are no tryouts and everyone is welcome. Most members of the team had never raced before coming to Williams! Just reach out to one of our captains or look for us at the Purple Key Fair

Does the team provide loaner bikes for team members?

Yes! The team has loaner bikes for team rides!

What should I bring

Not much, we have most things you need for road biking! The bare necessities that you need to bring are a water bottle, athletic clothing (padded shorts/bibs) if you have them, and any other road biking gear you own. If you have biking shoes, we only allow SPD cleats to be used on our bikes (switching pedals around for different riders can be hard on the cranks!).

What about racing?

Predominately, we race in the spring, which is road racing season. We will be attending races in New England at other colleges and universities, such as Yale, Dartmouth, and Rutgers. Races last for almost the whole weekend, and are a huge amount of fun. There are different racing categories based on ability, so you can race regardless of how (in)experienced you are. For more information on racing, check out the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) website.

Where can I find the Team’s Constitution?


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  1. Doug Hotvedt says:

    Greetings. I’m an alum (Class of ’84), looking for an opportunity to buy a Williams cycling jersey. Who should I call or email?

    Doug Hotvedt
    [email protected]
    651 303-6243

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