Climate Advocacy and Activism

We hold collaborative workshops with women and youth to develop climate smart policies and strategies 

Land & Water Rights Workshop

  • To review rights & practices of water user groups for sharing water and managing irrigation channels
  • To develop watershed management plans for villages and regional collaborations
  • To get funding for creating artificial glaciers, ice stupas, or modifying irrigation channels to enhance water supply¬†



Seed Bank Workshop

  • To bring together women from different valleys and microclimates across Zangskar to exchange heirloom seeds, root stocks, tree cuttings, & newer agrarian techniques
  • To strategize and share knowledges around the introduction of new crops such as apples, apricots, pulses, & other vegetables that can improve local food security
  • To help foster exchange of agrarian, pastoral, and other food production strategies and skills


karsha-seed bank

Climate Smart Policy Workshop

  • To present climate smart policy recommendations that help Zangskari villagers prepare for increased aridity and future disruptions
  • To help villages develop disaster risk reduction plans and strategies to help mitigate effects of landslides, flooding, locus outbreaks, & other disasters.
  • To develop proposals for creating artificial glaciers, ice stupas, irrigation channels, and other methods of enhancing existing irrigation water availability in Zangskar.
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