Welcome to the CALF Lab!

Cognition, Action, Learning, and FUN!

We are a developmental psychology lab at Williams College. As our name suggests (CALF–Cognition, Action, Learning, and FUN!), we study children’s learning and cognition, and our studies are fun and exciting for participants and researchers alike! 

What We Study

We're interested in children’s mathematical thinking and their use of gestures. Our current projects cover topics such as math anxiety, how different gestures affect children’s spatial working memory, phonemic awareness, and their understanding of measurements.

Participate in a Study

Our researchers and students are always excited to work with children and meet new families. Our projects are both fun and educational for children, typically involving various math games, word games, and stories. Click below for more information if you're interested in participating in a study.

Join Us

Are you a college student interested in joining the CALF lab? We are always looking for more passionate and curious students to join our team.



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