Past Events and Projects

Here are some events and projects that we’ve organized in the past!

  • On Wednesday, May 2, AWM and RASAN cosponsored a panel centered around the experiences of gender minorities in STEM.
  • On Friday, November 10, 6-8:30pm in Wege Auditorium, AWM and FemCo cosponsored a screening of Hidden Figures.
  • On Thursday, November 9, 7-9pm in the ’62 Center, AWM cosponsored the Fall 2017 Sperry Lecture, Dr. Mae Jemison: The First Woman of Color in Space.
  • On Tuesday, November 7, 7-9pm in Dodd Living Room, AWM and FemCo cosponsored an I am Math/Stat Discussion to brainstorm strategies for making academic environments on campus more inclusive.
  • Christina Hoff Sommers came to campus on Wednesday, October 18, and we collaborated with FemCo and RASAN to create this fact sheet with counterarguments to some of her most famous (and problematic) arguments.
  • We were involved in the Davis Center Block Party on Tuesday, September 19, an awesome event that provided students groups with a chance to table and get the word out about what they do.
  • The Math Department’s kickoff colloquium took place Monday, September 11 from 1-1:45pm in Bronfman Auditorium.  Professor Federico Ardila of San Francisco State University gave a talk called “Using Geometry and Combinatorics to Move Robots Quickly” that was accessible to a general audience.  He has written about diversity in combinatorics, and we met with him after his talk to discuss his experience.
  • Underrepresented Identities in STEM+ (cosponsored with BSTEM): Inspired by the success of our first panel, we organized a second student panel on Claiming Williams Day in February 2017 to raise awareness about the unique struggles of students of color, queer students, female or femme-identifying students, students with disabilities and other underrepresented voices in STEM+.
  • Bronfman Period Jar:  Spring 2017, We placed jars filled with tampons and pads in the bathrooms of Bronfman as a substitute for the out-of-order tampon dispensers.
  • Kickoff Colloquium with Courtney Gibbons: Professor Courtney Gibbons of Hamilton College gave an AWM-sponsored kickoff colloquium on free resolutions in February 2016.
  • Hidden Figures trip (cosponsored with BSTEM and SIAM): In January 2017, We took vans of students to a free screening of Hidden Figures, the inspirational film about black women working for NASA during the Cold War.
  • Faculty Meal Series: In fall 2016, we hosted a series of dinners with new female faculty members to provide students with a chance to get to know them.
  • Human FacTrak: We organized events in April and November 2016 and  where students could learn about courses for the next semester and ask people who had taken certain courses about their experiences.
  • Student Narratives: Underrepresented Identities in STEM+ (cosponsored with BSTEM): In February 2016, we held a Claiming Williams event to discuss the experiences of underrepresented minorities in STEM+ and find ways to improve student experiences and increase participation in these fields.
  • I am Math/Stat: In the spring of 2016, we started the “I am Math/Stat” project to document and display the diversity of experiences of students in Math/Stat at Williams.  We placed posters around Bronfman.  We are currently reviving and expanding this project, so if you’d like to contribute your own experience, see all the ones we have so far here and submit your own using this form.
  • Math & Art: The Good, the Bad and the Pretty: Annalisa Crannell of Franklin and Marshall College delivered a colloquium in January 2016 about math and perspective drawing.