Here are some of our upcoming events and projects (plus events going on around campus that we recommend)!

  • Our weekly dinner meetings take place every Wednesday at 6pm in Upper Driscoll.  Come eat with us and talk about plans for the semester (or just chat)!
  • Our weekly officer meetings take place every Sunday at 2pm in Lee Snack Bar.  Stop by if you want to get more involved!
  • We’re currently doing an I am Math/Stat installation around campus to document and display the diversity of experiences of students in Math/Stat at Williams.  If you’d like to contribute your own experience, see all the ones we have so far here and submit your own using this form.
  • We are cosponsoring a faculty lunch series with WaGMiPhAst and UNiCS.  Here are the lunches we have scheduled so far, and stay tuned for more!
  • We are organizing a Claiming Williams event on impostor syndrome.  Check back soon for more information!