Williams Dim Sum 14.1.18

Today, we met a groups of Williams Alumni who somehow made their way into Hong Kong for an extended period of time. Many of them, to my surprise, did not imagine themselves being there, until a stroke of coincidence brought them either back, or to, Hong Kong. It was both calming, but also alarming after speaking to many of them over the way their life lead them to Hong Kong. It seemed to me, that ┬áit didn’t really matter what exactly you learned or specialized in at Williams–it was more about the skills you adapt from Williams. I really enjoyed the event, and after having a chance to speak to alumni who found work in an Asian country, from both people knowing how to speak the language or not. One of the most interesting things I got from an alumni, however, was to find out that the majority of people they market towards is not local Hong Kongers, but in fact, mainland Chinese people. Their primary focus, in Hong Kong, was to gravitate the daily travelers from mainland China to Hong Kong for their shopping sprees. That really took me aback, making me wonder if there were any companies out there that focused on the Hong Kong population.

After lunch, Keileh and I skipped out on the Shenzhen trip, and took a restful Sunday afternoon. We did our laundry together, while watching the Chungking Express. After, we went into Causeway Bay for dinner at a Korean place, that served their food on a sizzling dish. This was my second time coming there, and has become one of my favorite places. (It’s called Pepper Lunch). After that, we really wanted to get some souffle pancakes at a place called Flippers but it was unfortunately closed. So we wondered around, attempting to find a desert place. Along the way, we ran into Hong Kong’s Times Square–which was a sight to see at night. I think I’ve really come to appreciate Hong Kong’s beauty at night.

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