Love in Hong Kong…coffee Shops.

I really love coffee shops. There’s something about them that I find really comforting. The atmosphere, the people, the coffee. So it’s natural that we came back to the same coffee shop that we sought refugee in on Friday. But before then, we went to visit the Golden Coast to have breakfast and see if we could change up our work station. It’s funny that all of us sought out a different location to do work, instead of staying in the hostel or library. I think a lot of us, like myself, know ourselves well enough to know how productive we are in our own rooms, surrounded by a bed—which is not much. It reminded me of how I worked at Williams, where I am hardly ever in my room. The earliest I head back is usually around midnight, after a day of spending time either at school, Tunnel, Sawyer, or somewhere else. It creates this safe environment in my room, where I know it doesn’t have to be work-ridden.

Back to Golden Coast. Keileh, Lee, and I had some yummy breakfast that reminded me a bit of home. It was an omelet with bacon, spinach, and avocado. But, we decided that for a place to camp out and work, the coffee shop we had gone to earlier in the week simply could not be beaten. Honestly, Yuen long has been an amazing place. After a couple of hours in the shop, Keileh, Lee, RB (who joined us later, went off to find some dinner options. We came across what looked like a Japanese restaurant, and had the cutest boy translate our entire orders. I fell in love. It was the cutest thing that happened, and am so glad that it just suddenly fell on us.

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