Last Stretch Jan. 23!!

Today was what I feel like could have been a standard time at Williams for me. ¬†Of course, in reality it was nothing like Williams, but it was the most similar experience I’ve had since coming to Hong Kong. In the morning, we had an absolutely wonderful brunch hosted by Professor Chan. Everything was absolutely delicious and was a great start to our day. After that, Andy and I had met up in the library to work on our project. I also finally got to meet his girlfriend! Apart from that, we actually procrastinated so much, but it was the best kind. We ended up talking for maybe an hour and a half about each other’s experiences in our corresponding home country. I felt comfortable enough asking him about tensions that existed between mainland Chinese and Hong Kongers and felt like I had gained a much better understanding of what we had, up until now, learned mostly through lecture and academia.

Afterwards, Keileh and I met up with Lee and and went in search for some dinner. We ended up at a restaurant mix kind of place, where orders came from either 2 or 3 different restaurants. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had the best curry and loved it. Upon heading to the MTR, we all had some big bubble tea cravings and tried to look for an open one nearby. But, since many were closed, we ended up heading in the direction of home and getting off at our trusted Yuen long stop, which has done nothing but been a blessing for us. And we ended up finding a place that not only sold bubble tea, but also the ones similar to that we found in Shenzhen, with cheese! The new territories is severely underrated in many tour blogs, but I have found a soft spot for it, especially Yuen Long.

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