January 24th, 2018

Today was another day that reminded me a lot of my time at Williams. I had to present my final project to the class, which revolved Hong Kong’s large population of migrant workers. I have to admit I was pretty nervous because it had been a while since I last had to give an in-class presentation and while I felt like I had learned so much around the issue, not being a local Hong Konger, who is more familiar and accustomed to the culture and environment, I felt that I still had much more to understand around the subject. Regardless, I was really happy diving myself into the subject, and feeling like I knew a ton more than what I originally came with. The feeling was amazing, and it was a really nice reminder of how exciting research and academia can be.

Afterwards, a group of us ate at an Italian-style restaurant that Harry liked near Tuen Mun Centre. That place definitely offers way more than I was made to believe. If I had the option to do so, I think I would have given Tuen Mun, and the new territories, further exploration. Once back home, there was a paper to attend to. For dinner, however, we did go to a local Thai place that was very popular among Lingnan students. After having dinner there, I could tell why and loved their mango sticky rice! (Which I think Zihan had tried two days prior to us).

It truly began to feel like the beginning of the end.

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