This morning we went to class to hear presentations from the rest of our classmates and after that, Lingnan University held a farewell lunch for all of the students and faculty involved in the course at the Chinese restaurant on campus. We received gifts from Lingnan and were treated to a huge meal. It was nice talking to the Lingnan professors, such as Professor O’Connor, but also a bit upsetting realizing it may be the last conversation we have. After the lunch, Adriana and I return to the dorm to finish our papers. Once I submitted my work, I walked around the area a final time and bought some souvenirs. All of the Williams students plus Harry and Claire met Yu Laoshi for one last hot pot dinner in Fu Tai. Stuffed, I went to the metro station to get back my remaining balance and deposit on my Octopus card and then went back to the room to drop things off. We met back up in one of the courtyards in Lingnan for our final get together with the Lingnan students. The Williams students were joined by Harry, Claire, Mariam, and Ann and we talked for hours, before Lee and I decided to go back to finish packing and get some sleep. I am so thankful for this opportunity to not only travel to Hong Kong but learn so much along the way and create these wonderful relationships with the Williams and Lingnan students and faculty.

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