Day 16

Another weekend means another adventure, and the first half of this adventure could not have started off on a better note. Loyal readers of my blog may recall that I enjoy a good bargain and was not so pleased with the vastly different sizing for menswear in Hong Kong. Today, I took my talents to Shenzhen and scored myself a topcoat made of a mysterious wool-esque material for under $20. Turns out a Chinese 4xl is the perfect size for me!

Visiting 前海 was also a fun experience. I was surprised to see the investment that China was putting into collaboration with Hong Kong in the service industry and sustainable economic development. The glass buildings were pretty cool to look at, too.

Lessons learned today:

1. Never say never. Muji may have failed me, but eventually there had to be a vendor who carried my size.

2. I should probably invest in some singing lessons.

3. Adventure is out there. You just have to find it.

Special thanks to Professor Yu and the staff at Lingnan for organizing this excursion and the 9 people who I dragged to Dongmen with me.

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