This morning, Haley, Adriana, and I took the K51 bus to the Golden Beach stop and we walked down to the Gold Coast area. It reminded me a bit of Florida, with the palm trees, yachts, and Spanish eclectic design. We enjoyed our egg breakfasts outside and then headed out.
We took the bus to the MTR station and then found our way back to Accro Coffee to work on our papers. RB joined us after an hour and we continued to work until we decided to get lunch. On the search for a restaurant, we bought some snacks from the same bakery we had a few days before. After we stopped to look at a menu of a Japanese place and a little boy drew us in by saying “What do you want to eat?”. We talked to the boy in English (he explained the car crashing and shark eating games he was playing on a smartphone) while we ate our ramen. Once we finished, we returned to Accro, where the world champion siphonist smiled as we walked upstairs.
After two and a half hours, feeling slightly guilty for using up their wifi and bathroom, we left and came back to Lingnan. We showered and then met back up to get dinner in Fu Tai before going to sleep.

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