3rd Day

Sunday was a day to rest up a bit. I managed to catch up with one of my close friends from high school and explore more of her view of Hong Kong. We started the day off with dimsum, which I have become increasingly fond of, and went on to do more exploring. On the way to the train station, I noticed that there were a lot more people riding the MTR, and that was when my friend explained to me that it’s common practice for some households to have maids live with them in their apartments. She went on to explain how many are given Sunday off to relax, which was why train stations tend to be more crowded on the weekends, specifically Sunday. I was surprised to learn about this culture, and wondered how large the population of house workers was in Hong Kong.

We went on to Causeway Bay, where there were a lot of high end brands and shops, noticing that it was an area where many tourists came to visit. Afterwards, we went on to this area in Mongkok, called “Ladies Markets” where there was a large street market happening, that was selling tons of items for incredibly cheap prices. Many of them seem to be knock off of famously expensive goods. I began to think more of how I felt the day before, and how Hong Kong seemed to balance two different lifestyles at the same time. I’m curious to know if this causes any sort of issues.

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