2nd Day

For the second day, we had the chance to go see the financial district in Hong Kong, specifically the monetary authority. It was incredibly interesting for me to be within the financial hub of Hong Kong for one part of the day, to then go to see and learn about an opposite view of Hong Kong’s population. My image of Hong Kong prior to coming was definitely one that placed Hong Kong in a light of great affluence. And what I’ve learned so far through travel is that there are definitely signs for both–one being areas like Central with great signs of commercial advertisements and large malls.

There are also areas, however, that I have noticed ¬†where houses seem to be more clumped together, appearing vastly different to the surrounding environment. They are short, narrower buildings, that don’t look very well kept. These houses were all together, a bit isolated. This, along with the presentation given at Yan Oi Tong, has definitely sparked my interest in wanting to learn more about the wealth gap existing in Hong Kong.

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