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Atlanta bridge Nationals 2023

Lots of fun playing in Soloway with partner Farley Mawyer and teammates Abe Jakob and Priscilla Smith, even though we failed to qualify. We played against Lisa and Michael Berkowitz, Dana Berkowitz, Debbie Rosenberg and the young Cornelius, Giacomo and Giovanni on Mike Passell’s team, and many others.

On one hand my left-hand opponent South opened 3S, Farley bid 5C, South doubled, North bid 5S, I bid 6C, and South doubled for an unusual lead (Diamonds). To put South on lead and avoid the ruff that would set the slam, I converted to 6H, which made and earned us 11 IMPs.












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10 Spades

On BBO November 15, 2023, Matchpoints Speedball with Craig Huneke, an opponent had 10 Spades. We did well by not letting them play 5S, although we went down one at 7H for 58%. The odds of getting a 10-card suit are about 1 in 59,000, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Continue reading ‘10 Spades’ »


Frank Morgan’s Math Chat Archives

Math Chat started as a live call-in cable TV show in Williamstown (1996-97, January 2000) and Princeton (1997-98), ran as a regular column in The Christian Science Monitor (1996-1998), continued on the Mathematical Association of America website, and finally became The Math Chat Book with a $1000 Math Chat Quest. Most of the columns are archived here.

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