Allentown School District Foundation

After the week-long soap bubble conference in Scotland, I spent the rest of spring break in my hometown, visiting my mom and enjoying the arrival of spring, exemplified by the pink blossoms of the cherry trees. We attended a fundraising dinner by the new Allentown School District Foundation, with excerpts from school spring musicals. They sponsor all kinds of creative programming in the schools. Their greatest current need is funding for a director.

It’s always hard to leave. On the way back to Williams I wrote the following poem:

While traveling up and down along the coast
On unfamiliar roadways, and alone,
I have no comfort, nor familiar friend
To take my hand or greet me with a smile,
Except the cherry trees along my path,
That whisper, “We’ve been long expecting you.”

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  1. Mom:

    That’s beautiful. I can almost hear them! Love, Mom

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