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Making Change for America

Guest post by Lee Newberg [but see Comment below]

I stumbled across an old Math Chat column of yours, which mentioned that the number of ways to make change for a dollar is the coefficient of x^{100} in the Taylor expansion of


But I don’t see there, or anywhere on the web, the general formula for the number of ways c(n) to make change for n dollars.  In case you are interested, below I derive it to be:

c(n) = (6 + 127n + 483n^2 + 672n^3 + 390n^4 + 80n^5)/6.

Spending 1 trillion dollars with the federal stimulus means that Obama has

c(10^{12})=  13 333333 333398 333333 333445 333333 333413 833333 333354 500000 000001

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