Professor Karen Kwitter
Office: 110 TPL; Office Hours: Mondays 10-11 AM, and by appointment
Extension: 2272

Text & Other Resources

Life in the Universe, 3/e, (2012), by Bennett & Shostak available at Water Street Books. I will distribute handouts, URLs and point to other reading as necessary.

Course Requirements and Grading

Each student will present five papers in tutorial session, and will respond to five papers. Submitted papers should be double-spaced, single-sided, numbered, and have reasonably standard margins. They should be carefully proofread for spelling, grammar and punctuation, which will be factored into the grade. Citations should be in the format of the Chicago Manual of Style. I will offer feedback on the writing as well as on the content of each paper, and will especially look for improvement in the former.

The final grade will be determined approximately as follows:

  • Quality of written papers: 30%
  • Quality of presentations: 30%
  • Quality of responses to partner’s papers and presentations: 30%
  • Growth in understanding and improvement in writing during the course: 10%


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