• Professor Karen Kwitter
  • Office: 110 TPL
  • Office Hour/Study Session: TBA
  • Extension: 2272
  • Senior Lecturer/Observatory Supervisor: Dr. Steven Souza
  • Office: 117 TPL
  • Office Hours: TBA
  • Extension: 3210
  • Teaching Assistants:
  • Office: 402 TPL
  • Office Hours: During observing hours
  • Extension: 2165


Astronomy 111: Introduction to Astrophysics is the first course in astronomy for students with some past or concurrent exposure to physics and calculus. Other students can take Astronomy 101: Stars: From Suns to Black Holes which covers the same basic astronomical territory. See the Astronomy Department for more information on its offerings, people and activities.

Click here for a movie clip showing an artist’s conception of the formation of a bipolar planetary nebula.