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DP-73 Catharine B. Hill, David Davis-Van Atta, Rishad Gambhir, and Gordon C. Winston, “Affordability of Highly Selective Colleges and Universities II,” January 2011. Full Text.

DP-72 Gordon Winston and Catharine Hill, “Low-Income Students and Highly Selective Private Colleges: Searching and Recruiting,” October 2008 . Full Text

DP-71 Gordon Winston, Catharine Hill, and David Zimmerman, “A Note on How Well Available Income Information Identifies Low-Income Students,” March 2007. Abstract | Full Text

DP-70 Matthew B. Kugler and George R. Goethals, “Social Comparison of Abilities at an Elite College: Feeling Outclassed with 1350 SATs,” February 2006. Abstract | Full Text

DP-69Gordon C. Winston and Catharine B. Hill, “Access to the Most SelectivePrivate Colleges by High-Ability, Low-Income Students: Are They OutThere?” October 2005. Abstract | Full Text

DP-68 David Zimmerman, David Rosenblum, and Preston Hillman, “Institutional Ethos, Peers and Individual Outcomes,” June 2004.Abstract | Full Text

DP-67 George R. Goethals, Laurie C. Hurshman, Adam C. Sischy, Gordon C. Winston, Georgi Zhelev, and David J. Zimmerman,”Who Cares? How Students View Faculty and Other Adults in US Higher Education,”April 2004. Abstract | Full Text

DP-66r Hill, Catharine B., Gordon Winston, and Stephanie Boyd, “Affordability:Family Incomes and Net Prices at Highly Selective Private Colleges andUniversities,” January 2004. Abstract | Full Text

DP-66 Hill, Catharine B., Gordon Winston, andStephanie Boyd, “Affordability: Family Incomes and Net Prices at HighlySelective Private Colleges and Universities,”October 2003. Full Text

DP-65 Winston, Gordon C., “Toward a Theory of Tuition: Prices, Peer Wages, and Competition in Higher Education,”January 2003. Abstract | Full Text

DP-64 Winston, Gordon C. and David J. Zimmerman, “Peer Effects in Higher Education,”January 2003. Abstract | Full Text

DP-63 Kirby, Kris N., Gordon C. Winston, and Mariana Santiesteban,”Impatience and grades: Delay-discount rates correlate negatively withcollege GPA,”May 2002. Abstract | Full Text

DP-62 Hill, Catharine B. and Gordon C. Winston, “Access: Net Prices, Affordability, and Equity At A Highly Selective College,”December 2001. Abstract | Full Text

DP-61 Goethals, George R., “Peer effects, gender and intellectual performanceamong students at a highly selective college: a social comparison ofabilities analysis,”October 2001. Abstract | Full Text

DP-60 Winston, Gordon C., “”Grow” the College? Why Bigger May Be Far From Better,”October 2001. Abstract | Full Text

DP-59 Winston, Gordon C., Jared C. Carbone, and Laurie C. Hurshman, “Saving, Wealth, Performance,and Revenues in US Colleges andUniversities,”May 2001. Abstract | Full Text

DP-58 Winston, Gordon C.,”Economic Stratification and Hierarchy in U.S. Colleges and Universities,”November 2000. Abstract | Full Text

DP-57 Dugan, Kelly, CharlesH. Mullin and John J. Siegfried, “Undergraduate Financial Aid andSubsequent Alumni Giving Behavior,” November 2000. Abstract | Full Text

DP-56 Winston, Gordon C. and David J. Zimmerman, “Where Is Aggressive Price Competition Taking HigherEducation?” June 2000. [A version appears in Change, July/August 2000.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-55 Goethals, George R.,”Social Comparison and Peer Effects at an Elite College,” May 2000. Abstract | Full Text

DP-54 Winston, Gordon C., “The Positional Arms Race in Higher Education,” April 2000. [A versionis forthcoming in Forum Futures 2000 Papers.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-53 Siegfried, John J. andWendy A. Stock, “So You Want to Earn a Ph.D. in Economics: How Long Do YouThink It Will Take?” March 2000. [A version is forthcoming in theJournal of Human Resources.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-52 Zimmerman, DavidJ., “Peer Effects in Academic Outcomes: Evidence from a NaturalExperiment,” November 1999. Abstract | Full Text

DP-51 Goethals, GeorgeR., “Peer Influences Among College Students: The Perils and thePotentials,” September 1999. Abstract | Full Text

DP-50 Goethals, GeorgeR., Gordon C. Winston, and David J. Zimmerman, “Students EducatingStudents: The Emerging Role of Peer Effects in Higher Education,”April 1999. [A version appears in Forum Futures 1999 Papers,Forum Publishing, 1999.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-49 Winston, Gordon C.,”For-Profit Higher Education: Godzilla or Chicken Little?” November 1998.[A version appears in Change, January/February 1999, pp.12-19.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-48 Constantine, JillM., “The Effect of Historically Black Colleges on Wages of BlackStudents: An Analysis by Gender,” October 1998. [A version appears inThe Review of African American Education, Fall 1999.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-47 Winston, Gordon C.,Jared C. Carbone, and Ethan G. Lewis, “What’s Been Happening to HigherEducation? Facts, Trends, and Data, 1986-7 to 1994-95,” March 1998. Abstract | Full Text

DP-46 Winston, Gordon C.,”A Guide to Measuring College Costs,” January 1998. [A version appears inMiddaugh, Michael (Ed.), Analyzing Costs in Higher Education: WhatInstitutional Researchers Need to Know, Jossey-Bass Publishers,2000.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-45 Winston, GordonC., “College Costs: Subsidies, Intuition, and Policy,” November 1997. [Aversion appears in Straight Talk about College Costs and Prices:Report of the National Commission on the Cost of Higher Education,Oryx Press, 1998.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-44 Goethals, GeorgeR. and Cynthia McPherson Frantz, “Thinking Seriously About Paying forCollege: The Large Effect of a Little Thought,” September 1997.[Versions appear in American Association of Higher EducationBulletin, April 1998, pp. 3-7, and Meyerson, J. W. (Ed.), New Thinking on Higher Education: Creating a Context for Change, Anker Publishing Co., 1998.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-43 McPherson, Michael S. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “FinancingUndergraduate Education: Designing National Policies,” September 1997. Abstract | Full Text

DP-42 Winston, GordonC., “Why Can’t a College Be More Like a Firm?” May 1997. [A versionappears in Change, September/October 1997, pp. 32-38.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-41 Lewis, EthanG. and Gordon C. Winston, “Subsidies, Costs, Tuition and Aid in USHigher Education: 1986-87 to 1993-94,” April 1997. Abstract | Full Text

DP-40 Winston, Gordon C.,”The Economic Structure of Higher Education: Subsidies,Customer-Inputs, and Hierarchy,” November 1996. [A version appears as”Subsidies, Hierarchy and Peers: The Awkward Economics of HigherEducation,’ Journal of Economics Perspectives, Winter 1999.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-39 Goethals, GeorgeR. and Cynthia McPherson Frantz, “Subsidy Shock: Reshaping Judgmentsof College Sticker Prices,” November 1996. [A version appears inBasic and Applied Social Psychology, September 1999, pp.167-175.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-38 Behrman, Jere R.,Jill Constantine, Lori Kletzer, Michael McPherson, and Morton OwenSchapiro, “Impact of College Quality Choices on Wages: Are ThereDifferences Among Demographic Groups?” October 1996. [A version appearsas “Microeconomics of College Choice, Careers, and Wages” in Annalsof the American Academy of Political and Social Science, September1998, pp. 12-23.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-37 McPherson, MichaelS., Morton Owen Shapiro, and Gordon C. Winston, “The EconomicAnalogy,” June 1996. Abstract | Full Text

DP-36 Macunovich, Diane,J., “Cohort Size Effects on US Enrollment Decisions,” April 1996. Abstract | Full Text

DP-35 Winston, GordonC. and Ethan G. Lewis, “Physical Capital and Capital Service Costs inUS Colleges and Universities: 1993,” February 1996. [A version appears inthe Eastern Economic Journal, Spring 1997, pp. 165-189.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-34 McPherson, MichaelS. and Morton Owen Shapiro, “Are We Keeping College Affordable?Student Aid, Access, and Choice in American Higher Education,” January1996. Abstract | Full Text

DP-33 Winston, GordonC., “Capital and Capital Costs in 2700 US Colleges and Universities,”December 1995. Abstract | Full Text

DP-32 Winston, GordonC. and Ivan C. Yen, “Costs, Prices, Subsidies, and Aid in U.S. HigherEducation,” July 1995. Abstract | Full Text

DP-31 McPherson, MichaelS. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “Skills, Innovations and Values: FutureNeeds for Postsecondary Education,” February 1995. [A version appears in Change, July/August 1995, pp 26-32.]Abstract | Full Text

DP-30 Constantine, JillM., “Measuring the Effect of Attending Historically Black Colleges andUniversities on Future Wages of Black Students,” December 1994. [Aversion appears in Industrial and Labor RelationsReview, April 1995, pp. 531-546.]Abstract | Full Text

DP-29 McPherson, MichaelS. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “College Choice and Family Income:Changes Over Time in the Higher Education Destinations of StudentsFrom Different Income Backgrounds,” November 1994.Abstract | Full Text

DP-28 Weber, Valerie and Gordon C. Winston, “The EconomicPerformance of Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore, and Wellesley 1988-9 to1992-3: A Global Comparison,” September 1994.Full Text

DP-27 McPherson, MichaelS. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “Expenditures and Revenues in AmericanHigher Education,” September 1994.Abstract | Full Text

DP-26 Ahlburg, Dennis,Michael S. McPherson, and Morton Owen Schapiro, “Predicting HigherEducation Enrollment in the United States: An Evaluation of DifferentModeling Approaches,” August 1994.Abstract | Full Text

DP-25 McPherson, Michael S. and Morton Owen Schapiro,”Merit Aid: Students, Institutions, and Society,” July 1994.Full Text

DP-24 Winston, Gordon C, “The Decline in UndergraduateTeaching: Moral Failure or Market Pressures?”, May 1994. [A versionappears in Change, Sept/Oct 1994, pp. 9-15.]Full Text

DP-23 Winston, Gordon C, “A Note on The Logic and Structureof Global Accounting: Tautologies to Accounts,” January 1994.Full Text

DP-22 Winston, Gordon C, “Maintaining Collegiate Wealth:Global Accounts, Fund Accounting, and Rules of Thumb,” December 1993.Full Text

DP-21 Easterlin, Richard A, “Prices and Preferences inChoice of Career: The Switch to Business, 1972-87,” August 1993. [Aversion appears in the Journal of Economic Behavior andOrganization, June 1995, pp. 1-34.]Full Text

DP-20 Schapiro, Morton O., and Michael S. McPherson,”Projections of College Costs, Affordability, and Tuition Dependencyat COFHE and Other Institutions: 1990-2010,” March 1993.Full Text

DP-19 Winston, Gordon C., “New Dangers in Old Traditions:The Reporting of Economic Performance in Colleges and Universities,”November 1992. [A version appears in Change,January/February 1993.]Full Text

DP-18 Behrman, Jere R.,Lori G. Kletzer, Michael S. McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro, “TheCollege Investment Decision: Direct and Indirect Effects of FamilyBackground on Choice of Postsecondary Enrollment and Quality,” July1992. Abstract | Full Text

DP-17 Blasdell, Scott W., Michael S. McPherson, and MortonOwen Schapiro, “Trends in Revenues and Expenditures in U.S. HigherEducation: Where Does the Money Come From? Where Does it Go?” June1992. [A version appears in McPherson, Schapiro, and Winston,Paying the Piper, 1993, ch. 2.]Full Text

DP-16 Winston, Gordon C., “Hostility, Trust, andMaximization: An Economic View of Higher Education in 1992,” January1992. [A version appears in Change, July/August 1992, as”Hostility, Maximization, and the Public Trust.”]Full Text

DP-15 Winston, Gordon C., “Organizing Economic Informationfor Colleges and Universities: An Alternative to Fund Accounting,”November 1991. [Versions appear as “The Necessary Revolution inFinancial Accounting,” Planning for Higher Education,Summer 1992 and as “Global Accounts” in Massy, William F.,Resource Allocation in Higher Education, University ofMichigan Press, 1996.]Full Text

DP-14 Winston, Gordon C., “Why Are Capital Costs Ignored byColleges and Universities and What Are the Prospects for Change?” July1991. [Versions appear in NACUBO Business Officer, June 1993, andMcPherson, Schapiro, and Winston, Paying the Piper,University of Michigan Press, ch. 13.]Full Text

DP-13 McPherson, Michael S. and Gordon C. Winston, “TheEconomics of Cost, Price and Quality in U.S. Higher Education,” April1991. [A version appears in McPherson, Schapiro, and Winston,Paying the Piper, University of Michigan Press, 1993,ch. 4.]Full Text

DP-12 McPherson, Michael S. and Morton Owen Schapiro,”Federalism and Higher Education Finance: Rethinking the Role of theStates and the Federal Government in Paying for College,” March 1991.[A version appears in Brookings Review, Volume 9, No. 3,Summer 1991, pp. 14-19]Full Text

DP-11 McPherson, Michael S. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “TheStudent Finance System for Undergraduate Education: How Well Does itWork?” March 1991. [A version appears in Change,May/June 1991, pp. 16-22.]Full Text

DP-10 Bradburd, Ralph M. and Duncan P. Mann, “Wealth inHigher Education Institutions,” March 1991. [A version appears inJournal of Higher Education, July/Aug 1993.]Full Text

DP-9 McPherson, Michael S. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “The Effect ofGovernment Financing on the Behavior of Colleges and Universities,”October 1990. [A version appears in McPherson and Schapiro, KeepingCollege Affordable, Brookings Institution, 1991, ch. 4.]Full Text

DP-8 McPherson, MichaelS. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “Projections of College Costs andAffordability: 1990-2010,” June 1990. [A version appears in McPhersonand Schapiro, Keeping College Affordable, BrookingsInstitution, 1991, ch. 6.] Abstract | Full Text

DP-7 Sabot, Richard and John Wakeman-Linn, “Determinants ofPerformance in Introductory Courses in Economics and Seven OtherDisciplines,” April 1991.Full Text

DP-6 Schapiro, Morton Owen, Michael P. O’Malley, and LarryH. Litten, “Tracing the Economic Backgrounds of COFHE Students: HasThere Been a ‘Middle-Income Melt’?” November 1990. [A version appearsin McPherson and Schapiro, Keeping College Affordable,Brookings Institution, 1991, ch. 5.]Full Text

DP-5 McPherson, Michael S. And Morton Owen Schapiro, “ExpenditurePatterns and Trends in U.S. Higher Education: Implications forQuality,” May 1990.Full Text

DP-4 McPherson, Michael S. and Morton Owen Schapiro,”Measuring the Effects of Federal Student Aid: An Assessment of SomeMethodological and Empirical Problems,” May 1990. [A version appearsin McPherson, Schapiro, and Winston, Paying the Piper,University of Michigan Press, 1993, ch. 8.]Full Text

DP-3 Sabot, Richard andJohn Wakeman-Linn, “The Implications of Grading Policies for StudentCourse Choice,” November 1988. [A version appears in Journal ofEconomic Perspectives, Winter 1991, pp. 159-170.]Abstract | Full Text

DP-2 Schapiro, MortonOwen, Michael P. O’Malley, and Larry H. Litten, “Progression toGraduate School from the ‘Elite’ College and Universities,” revisedSeptember 1990. [A version appears in Economics of EducationReview, Fall 1991, pp. 227-244.]Abstract | Full Text

DP-1 McPherson, Michael S. and Morton Owen Schapiro, “DoesStudent Aid Affect College Enrollment? New Evidence on a PersistentControversy,” April 1990. [A version appears in AmericanEconomic Review, March 1991, pp. 309-318.]Full Text



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