How to Post

If you have any other questions about the website email Cole Erickson (unix nde1).

Posting to the music blog

To post to the website, log in here with your Williams account using your unix as your username. Once logged in, look to the tabs in the menu on the left side of the screen and click the “Posts” tab. From there click “Add New.”

To link URLs, highlight the text you want to be a link, click the underlined “link” button, and paste your URL where indicated. For pictures/other media, click the “Add media” button and drag and drop your media file where indicated. You can also enter the URL of the media you wish to insert and it will appear on your page.

Embedding external content

In order to embed content from SoundCloud or 8tracks, use the WmsInclude tag. Here is the code you need:

[WmsInclude url="YOUR LINK HERE" height="400" width="600"]

The height and width values change the dimensions of the embedded content. The values are pixel counts. Make sure that the url is the link to the content itself, not the page on which the content is featured.

For exampel, say that you want to embed this mix. You do not want to use the link at the top of the page because that will embed the entire webpage. Instead, click the “Share” button and copy the embed code. This code will contain a link that begins with The link that you want in that long string of stuff is the the entire link in quotes where it says src="YOUR LINK" ending in visual=true. The final result will look like this:

Posting a playlist

Want your playlist to be showcased on the site? First, click the “share” button on your mixcloud playing frame. A dialog box will pop up. Locate the “Embed” section and select “Advanced Options.” The dropdown that appears will say “Can’t use iframes on your site?”—predictably, you can’t. Click the text. Click the button that says “Copy to Clipboard.”

Phew. Now you have the code you need to post! To make everyone’s lives easier, all you need to do is send us the HTML tag in that huge chunk of code that you copied. (Send to nde1.) Paste the code in the text editor of your choice (Microsoft Word? Textpad?). The tag you need to send me will be the stuff that begins with "param name="movie" value="IMPORTANT STUFF" up to but not including the next tag that says param name="SOMETHING UNIMPORTANT". Nothing more than that, please! Your playlist will be up in no time.

Creating your own show page

We now show DJ show pages on the website! When you create a page for your show, it will appear in the “Schedule” menu. This is a great place to describe what your show is all about, share links/playlists, and display your recently played tracks. This is not a replacement to the blog, so if you have a song/album/artist/event/rant to share, please post it there!

Fill out the form below to have the webmaster create a show page for you!

Create a show page

  • If your show is over one hour long, write its time in the "Other Media" box
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, Max. file size: 5 MB.
  • Links to embeddable content such as 8tracks playlists, mixcloud sets, youtube videos, soundcloud, etc.