WCFM Songs of the Week 3/2/2020

Thank you to everyone who came to our Leap Day event and Grimes listening party. We’ve got more events coming up this week, including a listening party this Thursday in the station! Check out this week’s picks, including Ashanti, the Pilgrims, and Panda Bear. 

~ the WCFM board

WCFM Songs of the Week 2/24/20

For all of you who came to the station’s listening party for Arca’s recent release, @@@@@, (and for those of you who were sad to miss!) we’re hosting a listening party for Grimes’ new album, Miss Anthropocene, this Thursday at 10:30. Stay tuned for more events. In the meantime, pregame doomsday, Leap Day, or whatever gets you through the week with our favorite tracks. Listen below!


~ the WCFM board

WCFM Songs of the Week 2/17/20

It’s freezing. And bleak. Stay warm (and hype yourself up) with our picks for this week, featuring Daft Punk, Mick Jenkins, and Raveena.

~ the board



WCFM Songs of the Week 2/10/20

After a brief hiatus, Songs of the Week are back !!! Slow Pulp, Jai Paul and Led Zeppelin round out a start of the semester soundtrack made just for you(all)…because it’s hard to make a playlist AND complain about your readings. Listen below + be sure to check out Ivy Sole at Goodrich this Friday.


~ the WCFM Board


WCFM Songs of the Week 11/18/19

Thank you all for coming out to Battle of the Bands on Friday. While we gear up for more fantastic WCFM programming soon, kick back with our favorite tracks this week, featuring Lijadu Sisters, Coco & Clair Clair, Bruce Springsteen, Wiki, and more. Listen below!



WCFM Songs of the Fortnight 11/4/19 — 11/13/19

Your friendly WCFM web editor might have forgotten about the Songs of the Week last week. But good things come in pairs (right? haha), so we have a DOUBLE DOSE for you this week, in the Songs of the Fortnight. Impress your crush by showing off your knowledge of FKA twigs, Brittany Howard, Squidnice, Clarence James, and Sudan Archives (and while you’re at that last one, check out former General Manager Mano Sundaresan’s interview with Sudan Archives in NPR Music, linked here)

And while you’re at it, bring your crush to our Throwback Party this Friday in honor of WCFM Throwback Weekend. See you there!