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Please enjoy this wholesome picture of your 2017 WCFM board!

We know we cute as heck!

Does College Radio Even Matter Anymore?

“In an ideal world, college radio can best reflect what local broadcasting should strive for: freeform programming that’s community organized and unentangled in market-based obligation. It is also a continually replenishing talent pool for the industry at large, and every part of the musical ecosystem can count former college radio DJs among their staff.” Read more here:…/10018-does-college-radio-even-matte…/


How Underground Artists Feel About Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’

My favorite anecdote: “What’s really difficult about the whole thing is that it has the lyrical appeal of a prepubescent diary. Tay Tay’s anecdotes might seem reasonable when you’re 12 years old, but by the time you hit 16 you know that it’s all garbage. It sounds like the pinnacle of the upper-middle class: too safe, too white. It’s drenched in nostalgia, but not that real nostalgia that comes from a human with a heart that feels real things; it’s the kind of nostalgia that is born of an 80 minute rom-com.” #Amen #GodBless

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Kendrick Lamar – Interview


Interesting Link from Pitchfork

Op-Ed Why Is Violence Against Women Excusable If It’s Art – Read on Pitchfork


Jamie xx

Keeping with the previous Jamie xx love, two cool profiles of him from across the web…

Pigeons and Planes