Ongoing Projects:


  • Forming a standing student-faculty committee in which students may propose projects and voice their opinions regarding campus spaces and reconciling the institutional history of Williams (currently moving forward with senior staff on this topic)
    • The first project on the docket being our "Written in Stone" proposal advocating that the marble benches around campus be engraved with writing, quotes, artwork to acknowledge underrepresented histories on campus
  • Advocating that the college commit to changes regarding the Haystack Monument
    • Within the short term, change the Mission Park plaques
    • Within the short term, collect student/stakeholder opinions
      • Organizing a forum partnering with CDC
        • More on this soon!

Committee Feedback

  • Holding monthly meetings and regular communications with the Office of Admission and Financial Aid
    • Discussing ways to increase the ease and equity within college admissions project
  • Communicating with Residential Life Working Group regarding the following topics:
    • Affinity housing
    • Special Interest Housing
    • Area Coordinators (ACs)
  • Having a student representative attending the Health Committee meetings
    • Advocating the improvement of quarantine condition, specifically through improved communication of CSS and the Health Center
  • Participating in the Student Leadership Roundtable
    • More on this soon!

WSU-Specific Communication

  • Increasing our presence and self-organization on publicly accessible platforms (Instagram, Website, Archives, Bylaws)
  • Preparing the upcoming elections & referendum under the following timeline
    • February 20th - March 1st: Soliciting Candidates

      February 24th 7:00-8:00 PM: First Info Session on WSU, Elections, & Referendum

      February 28th 2:00-3:00 PM: Second Info Session on WSU, Elections, & Referendum

      March 3rd - 13th: Elections and Referendum Vote

      March 8th: Meet the Candidates

      March 15th: Results Announced


Past Projects (within the last year):

Free University

  • Revived Free University, a program in which students can lead classes to encourage extracurricular learning and recreation for other students during the winter study period
  • Launched 48 classes with over 600 participants enrolled

Mental Health

  • Partnered with Converging Worlds and IWS to hold a Mental Health Forum for students to air their current opinions on how the mental health support provided on campus can be improved
  • Created a guide to mental health resources on campus that was distributed to student leaders to pass on to RSO's membership
  • Contacted deans advising regarding increased support and communication to first-years regarding educational/career advising as well as mental health resource distribution

Health Days

  • Created and circulated a petition, which garnered over 600 signatures, advocating that professors protect the quality of the Health Days within their syllabus through maintaining a series of recommendations
    • This petition was then distributed to professors and faculty across all departments

Alumni Series

  • Partnered with the Career Center for the Debunking the Myth of the Perfect Williams series
    • Held four alumni panels featuring twelve special guests in four industries (medicine, education, public health research, and theatre production)
    • Focused the panels on addressing how alumni were still able to succeed despite significant struggles or setbacks during their time at Williams
  • WSU is currently discussing continuing this series in the future


  • Held Claiming Williams Event, with 66 attendees, focusing on college monuments
    • Started off with a lecture about the Haystack and ways to discuss historical monuments
    • This followed with breakout rooms in which participants conducted research about a specific topic
    • Ended with an open discussion synthesizing what was learned in different groups and what ideas and lessons should be kept in mind when approaching campus reclamation

Black Lives Matter Archive

  • Partnered with Special Collections to create an archive for students to submit their thoughts, art, writings regarding Black Lives Matter, and the racial violence committed against Black bodies internationally
  • More information can be found: here.

Black Trans Live Matter Supplement

  • Recognizing students of marginalized backgrounds often have to help their entry mates contextualize the texts during the Williams Reads programming, which ultimately assigns them undue amounts of emotional labor and recognizing the events of this past summer, WSU partnered with the CDC in providing freshmen a supplemental guide to their reading, Subject to Change: Trans Poetry & Conversation
  • This guide can be found: here.