Below is a list of alums who would be happy to answer any of your questions about life after Williams (or life at Williams).

Alyssa Barlis, Astrophyics ’13 ([email protected]): I’m working on a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Pennsylvania, doing research in experimental cosmology (balloon-borne spectroscopy of dusty galaxies). Ask me about anything NASA-related or the BU Geneva program!

Ari Benjamin, Physics ’13 ([email protected]): This year I’m teaching 10th and 12th grade chemistry at a bilingual school in Mexico City. (Most of the time I just remind kids that chem is really physics, of course). In the fall of 2014, I will be starting a Ph.D. program in Mech. Engineering at Northwestern University, where I will be associated with the Neuroscience and Robotics Group. I’d love to answer any questions about teaching abroad, applying to grad school, NSF REU programs, and, eventually, what it’s like to be in engineering as a physics grad.

Tori Borish, Physics and Math ’12 ([email protected]): Since graduating, I’ve been working in a physics lab at the University of Vienna, doing experimental quantum optics.

Greg Eusden, Physics and Math ’13 ([email protected]): I am currently employed with the Parthenon Group, a management consulting company based in Boston. I have more experience on applying for internships junior year than full-time jobs senior-year. My major focus was on Consulting and Investment Banking jobs.

Dylan Gilbert, Physics ’13 ([email protected]): I am a first year in the physics Ph.D. program at UC San Diego, studying experimental particle physics with CMS at the LHC at CERN, doing data analysis.

Peter Gottlieb, Physics ’11 ([email protected]): I’m in the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. I study and model the biomechanics of the human auditory system, so my research falls between the ME subfields of biomechanics and computational mechanics. I also spent a summer working for a big medical device engineering company (Medtronic), so I have a little knowledge about what it’s like to work as an actual engineer rather than an academic.

Mir Henglin, Physics (with lots of Statistics) ’13 ([email protected]): I am currently employed in Boston working as a Data Analyst for Marketing Evolution. It involves lots of programming and statistics. I did two NSF REU programs, one at Brandeis University in Waltham MA, and one at ENSTA-Paristech in Paris, France. I also wrestled for four years at Williams. Ask me about statistics at Williams, balancing sports with school/physics, NSF REU programs, and the job application process!

Matt Hosek, Astrophysics ’13 ([email protected]): I’m currently in the astronomy graduate program at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii in Manoa.

Marni Jacobs, Physics ’12 ([email protected]): I just graduated from a one-year teaching program at Tufts and will be teaching high school at Revere High School in Revere, MA next year.

Aven King, Astrophysics and Art History ’12 ([email protected]): I have been living for a year working at a dive shop in Kauai, Hawaii post-graduation and am moving to Oahu to work in Marketing and eventually want to return to school to study graphic/web design so I can move into the creative side of advertising.

Christina Knapp, Physics and Math ’13 ([email protected]): I’ll be a first year grad student at UCSB and I’m hoping to study condensed matter theory, focusing on topological quantum computation.

Alice Sady, Astrophysics ’13 ([email protected]): I am a first year in the physics Ph.D. program at Johns Hopkins University, doing research in experimental particle physics, working on CMS on the LHC at CERN doing data analysis.

Charlie Sellars, Physics ’13 ([email protected]): Since graduating, I have begun working as a Junior Research Analyst for the Research Board, a New York-based think tank focused on business and technology. I am also an executive board member and the Vice President of Product Development for The $100 Solution, an international non-profit organization that offers service learning classes.

Joseph Skitka, Physics ’10 ([email protected]): I was in a small computational fluid dynamics (CFD) lab at Oregon State University working on ground-up code development as a PhD student. ┬áThere were many aspects of my program I didn’t like, however – the culture of the department and a lack of enthusiasm (particularly for the theoretical foundations of the work) among my peers. I have just wrapped up an MS in ME and will be heading to Brown University to study computational condensed matter theory, likely in relation to large-scale flows (climate, solar cycle).

Olivia Uhlman, Physics ’13 ([email protected]): I recently accepted a teaching position at a small private school outside of Boston. I’ll have two physics classes at the high school level and two 7th grade general science classes.