Work with me

There are several ways to practice, study, or work with me, depending on your needs and what you wish to focus on.

Asana, pranayama, and meditation:
• Supported Self-Practice – Come be a part of a community of practitioners; practice as is appropriate for you, at your own pace, with individual assistance and support from me.  See the Supported Self-Practice page for more on this unique model.  For beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  If you are just starting out, you are encouraged to do 2-3 private lessons in the first few weeks or months to help establish an appropriate personalized practice.
• Private lessons – “Only practicing yoga in led classes is like only seeing your boyfriend at the bar.”  The real work of yoga is personal and internal, so while led classes are a great place to start, they can only give you a taste for the true potential of the practice.  Together we will develop a practice that is specific to you, addressing your unique needs, abilities and desires.  This will form a foundation to allow you to practice on your own, either at home or in the Supported Self-Practice setting.  You will also learn how to balance your physical and emotional states through your practice, and how to modify poses for your body or for specific energetic effects.  Typically 90-minute sessions.
• Led classes and workshops – none currently scheduled

The yoga tradition is rich with approaches for living with greater ease, joy and fulfillment.  I am excited to support anyone who wishes to bring these to bear on their own lives.  Our work would be based in part on the Vedic concepts described in The Four Desires.  For example, I can help you create and work with a sankalpa or develop an authentic ‘personal mission statement’ to guide your decision-making.  This work might include meditation, pranayama and/or asana, as tools for accessing your intuition and sense of self.  Currently only offered as private sessions; typically 90-minute sessions.

The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali and other foundational texts of yoga contain great wisdom.  Understanding the yoga philosophies can bring clarity to our experience, shifting our perception of our lives and our relationships with others.  Currently only offered as workshops.

**Pricing: please speak with me directly about cost; I am willing to work on a sliding scale.  (Note, just for comparison, that my colleagues generally charge $100-150 per 90-min individual session.)

For information on my yoga training and experience, see my Yoga CV.
Contact me:  beckytyoga [at] gmail [dot] com