Welcome to RASAN’s website! Here you can find the names and faces of our current trained hotline members, information on reporting and support services at Williams, advice on supporting a friend, and links to other resources. 

If you want to contact RASAN, trained RASAN hotline members are on call 24/7 at (413)597-4100. When you ring, no one will pick up — don’t worry, this is normal! All you have to do is leave a voicemail with the name and pronouns you want to go by (no need to give your real name) and a number at which we can reach you. The RASAN member on call will receive your message and get to a quiet and secure spot from which to call you back. You can expect the return call within 15 minutes.

If phone calls aren’t really your thing, feel free to click on our Faces tab and reach out to any of us via email, Facebook or in person. We are happy to talk face-to-face or over social media! 🙂 

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming RASAN programming and events!