Welcome to RASAN’s website! Here you can find the names and faces of our current trained hotline members, information on reporting and support services at Williams, advice on supporting a friend, and links to other resources.

Training information and resources can be found on the RASAN Trainee Site.

Our system has undergone some changes. As of now, RASAN members currently operate our hotline system in which we check the phone once a day, every 24 hours. If there is a missed call, we will return the call. However, we are switching to an “appointment” based system soon. The link to our calendar is provided on the homepage. With this system, you can schedule either a phone call or an in-person meet up to talk to a member. You will choose a time, then enter your email (everything is and remains confidential), location if applicable, and any other preferences.

If phone calls/meet-ups aren’t really your thing, feel free to click on our Faces tab and reach out to any of us via email, Facebook or in person. We are happy to talk face-to-face or over social media! 🙂

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming RASAN programming and events!