VR Room in Williams Record!

This was a very nice article featuring our VR room: http://williamsrecord.com/2017/02/22/virtual-reality-room-explores-new-technological-frontier-2/

Lightning Talks!

We had two days of 5 minute talks. They were fun to prepare and they were fun to watch.

Zoetropes – Trevor Murphy
Logic Pro: Tips and Tricks – Ariana Ross
The Art of Logos – Andrea Rodas
Oculus Development – Timothy Randolph
Animation Demo – Trevor Murphy
Making Audio of Your Voice Sound Better Using Audacity – Alan Zhang
Five Things to do to Improve Photos – Daniela Hernandez
How to Make a Simple Stop Motion Video – Jacques Chaumont

Below is a youtube video of the animation demo.

3D Printed Chess Set

The 3D printer continues to amaze. The chess set was beyond expectations. 

Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Development Kit

The Oculus Rift station has been busy as people in the Library have stopped by to try out virtual roller coasters, space walks, deep sea dives, and other 3d demos.

Oculus Rift station.

Oculus Rift station.

Oculus Rift Headset

Oculus Rift Headset

Printing Posters on Fabric

We have played with printing on fabric recently. Our best results have come from Spoonflower.com.

  • Choose Create > Custom Fabric.
  • Upload your file. It needs to be less than 40MB, 150dpi, and it should be a JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIF. The TIF format is difficult to get under 40MB for posters. JPG is better.
  • Confirm you own the copyright.
  • Choose Center for Repeat.
  • We used the Performance Knit
  • The yard size is 1.
  • The cost was about $25 shipped.


Passport Photos


Sign created by the Art Department. I guess they get asked for passport photos too.

You can print a passport photo at the CET, but you would need to bring your own paper. Also, the photo printer often takes some time to get functional. The nozzles may need cleaning, and there is usually some troubleshooting required.

If what you need is to print 10 high quality images for a project, then the hours of maintenance and troubleshooting are well spent. If you want a passport photo, Rite Aid and the North Adams Post Office are good bets.

Funny Videos

SMC Arianna Basche helped create and produce a series of videos with the student group The Office of Student Laughs at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAdO3O0WIraO-wzSwxsWUSiWVZQawzn4O.

Here is an example illustrating the mixed feelings we have about moving to the new library.


D90 and Wide Angle Lens


I borrowed a Nikon D90 from the Equipment Loan Center as well as a 10.5mm wide angle lens to take some shots in a cramped church steeple. I am very happy with the results and would encourage eligible borrowers to explore these loaner items. They are good fun and produce good results even with a complete novice behind the camera.belltoday clock

3D Printer Produces a Tardis

3D Printer: Tardis

3D Printer: Tardis


This is my favorite 3D printer object to date.